Digging Deeper Into Physiotherapy: Is It Helpful?

Individuals involved in an accident or living with an illness or disability and require physical rehabilitation assistance will need physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapists are trained in different techniques that can help restore the normal function of the body. Learn more about how a physiotherapy treatment can improve one’s overall body condition.




Also known as physical therapy as per World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), physiotherapy is a profession of physical medicine that promotes human function and movement. This treatment also aims for injury prevention, as well as, improved state of fitness and health. All treatments are science-based and vary on the situation of the individual. Experts in this field are called physiotherapists.


Physiotherapy practitioners possess extensive knowledge about how our body works. They are competent in evaluating, verifying, and treating injuries, illnesses, and disabilities. To ensure that patients will achieve the best results, they also collaborate with other health care professionals. The methods used by physiotherapists in their treatment include:


  • Performing manual therapy that can get rid of pain and stiffness from the body
  • Recommending exercises that can strengthen the body and improve general health and range of motion
  • Providing general advice that affects the patient’s way of life



Common Types of Physiotherapy


Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

The main focus here is the problems concerning the musculoskeletal system, which is composed of the bones, joints and muscles. Undergoing orthopaedic physiotherapy will help patients build up strength, flexibility and mobility. Some conditions that can be managed by orthopaedic physiotherapists include back pain, neck pain, muscle strain, fracture and even poor posture.


Sports Physiotherapy

This branch of physiotherapy is concerned with the issues or injuries attained by athletes. Sports have high physical requirements. The muscles, bones and joints of athletes are subject to stress, and they are often prone to having an accident. In sports physiotherapy, athletes are guided to recover from injuries and educated on how to prevent sports-related problems in the future.

sport physiotherapy


Pregnancy Physiotherapy

Pregnant women in need of pain relief and emotional support can rely on pregnancy physiotherapy. It provides women with various clinical exercises and massages that can help women adjust at this stage of their lives. Pre and postnatal Pilates is one typical exercise pregnancy physiotherapists recommend. It helps women have a better core, lower body and upper body strength from the start of pregnancy up to after birth.


Paediatric Physiotherapy

Children born with defects or delayed physical growth depend on paediatric physiotherapy treatments. Therapies in this category are focused on dealing with the unique needs of young people, from infants up to adolescents. Paediatric physiotherapists work hand-in-hand with the parents or guardians to help the kids overcome their condition or trauma.


Geriatric Physiotherapy

This kind of physiotherapy specialises in helping the elderly. Age-related medical conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis are most commonly treated in geriatric physiotherapy. Because the elderly have physical limitations, the goal of geriatric physiotherapists is to reduce their pain and improve mobility.


Victoria Physiotherapy Providers


Propel Physiotherapy provides the highest-quality, one-on-one physiotherapy treatments to patients in Essendon, Brunswick and the neighbouring communities. They offer a wide range of services, including pregnancy physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation and clinical Pilates. Home visits are also available upon request. Go to to book an appointment.


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