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10 Good Deeds to do before 2019 ends

Who wouldn’t want to do good deeds before 2019 ends? We can’t deny the truth that no matter how big or small an act of kindness you show to someone, it’ll still make that person happy. Doing good deeds such as finding the best charities to sponsor or even giving candy to a little kid will make an impact on humanity.
Give free smiles
Smiling isn’t that hard when you know that it can turn a bad day into good. Try smiling and give a joyful vibe to someone who needs it, may it be a stranger or a friend. Keep on smiling. You don’t know how much it can save someone from having a stressful day.
Help an elderly cross the street
Being able to help an old man or woman cross the street would test your patience, but it will pay back genuine happiness. Make these elderly feel valued by just giving them a hand.
Buy food for the homeless
It won’t cost you a lot if you buy a simple meal for someone who’s been starving for days. There are a lot of starving children and adults anywhere, and couldn’t afford to buy food for themselves. Be a hero today and save some tummies.
Donate old clothes
It’s time to check your wardrobes and find old clothes that you don’t want to wear anymore. Search for any legitimate and best charities you could ever find online, and donate some of your old clothes that are still presentable.
Cook food for the street children
According to UNICEF’s 2018 statistics, there are an estimated 3.1 million kids die out of starvation and malnutrition. If you’re a parent, this is very disheartening. Cooking a special, nutritious and sumptuous meal for street kids could contribute to ending child hunger all over the world.
Rescue an animal
If you see any stray animals, whether a cat, dog, squirrel or any animals, rescue them and place them in a shelter that fits them. You may also adopt them or find the best charities for stray animals.
Plant a tree for free
It’s a simple act to save our mother earth from global warming. It’s time to take part in the solution – plant a tree now.
Forgive or ask forgiveness
2019 is almost over and it’s hard to have new beginnings if you have an issue with someone. Take away the pride, and forgive someone today. You may also ask for forgiveness to those you have caused pain emotionally and physically.
Donating blood is more than just a good deed, it also has tons of benefits. According to Healthline’s AdrienneSantos – Longhurst and Alana Biggers, MD, MPH, blood-donation can eradicate negativity, reduces any forms of stress, makes you physically fit and increase emotional wellness.
“How’s your day?”
It’s hard to talk to strangers the most when you’re the typical shy type person – Introvert. However, asking this question – “How’s your day?” would definitely change someone’s mood. Help them express and vent out by asking them a single question. Just be there and listen. Be someone’s shoulder to cry on today.
Now that you have the list, do it now. Visit to know more about crossways food for life and become a donor.
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