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        Shauna Neutral - ABEO - Biomechanical Footwear JAC007

Shauna Neutral - ABEO - Biomechanical Footwear JAC007

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FREE SHIPPING on this item!Elevate your warm weather style in the women’sABEO B.I.O.system®Shauna sandal with neutral supportfeaturing the all-day comfort of a customized 3D fit.Digitally fit to your foot, ABEO B.I.O.system®premium sandals incorporate state-of-the-art digital foot scanning technology to calculate the optimum footbed construction for your individual foot.A neutral footbed provides enhanced arch support and is designed to match most foot types, providing all-day comfort, support, and stability.Nubuck leather upper embellished by metal hardware for added interest.Soft leather lining absorbs moisture and resists abrasion.Dual-density polyurethane footbed is lightweight and flexible.Textured rubber outsole provides traction and absorbs shock.B.I.O.system technology supports your feet and aligns your body, balances weight distribution, and reduces foot fatigue, shock, and stress on your joints.AS50888N CORAL

Shauna Neutral - ABEO - Biomechanical Footwear JAC007

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