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        Avery Post - ABEO - Biomechanical Footwear JAC007

Avery Post - ABEO - Biomechanical Footwear JAC007

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All sales final on clearance items.The women’sABEO B.I.O.system®Avery sandal with posted supportblends casual style, "all-day" comfort and a customized fit. Abeo’s commitment to biomechanical footwear has revolutionized the sandal, and your feet will feel the progress.Digitally fit to your foot, ABEO B.I.O.system®premium sandals incorporate state-of-the-art digital foot scanning technology, which calculates the optimum footbed construction for your individual foot.Ideal for low arches and flat feet, a posted heel footbed provides the ultimate support and stability. This footbed offers extra support for the medial (inside) of the foot, controlling over-pronation and offering superior comfort.Full-grain leather upper with cord and rivet.Channeled rubber outsole absorbs shock and channels water for improved traction.Non-skid and slip resistant bottom.Supports your feet and aligns your body.Balances weight distribution.Increases stability and reduces foot fatigue.Reduces shock and stress on your joints.AW021P WHITE

Avery Post - ABEO - Biomechanical Footwear JAC007

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